What is Thought Pattern Management™?                                

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"Very elegant NLP"  "Fast therapy" "NLP accelerated"

"Coaching for the unconscious mind"

"A wonderful collection of processes principles and insights"

Listen to how Lara would explain TPM to a client (filmed during practitioners training)


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Thought Pattern Management helps with:

  • Motivation - increasing it

  • Trauma - getting over it without further discomfort

  • Grief & loss so you can move on

  • Phobias

  • Physical health issues (including strokes, heart issues, diabetes, skin disorders, allergies, epilepsy, sleep disorders)

  • Anxiety and fears which are holding you back 

  • Depression  (Robert did extensive research Robert into depression, read how TPM is used in therapy

  • Conflict resolution

  • Identity conflicts - so you feel at one

  • Divorce challenges

  • Learning difficulties - much work has been done in USA on this

  • Overwhelm + stress so you are in control

  • Self esteem 

  • Addictions - overcoming them

  • Creating new habits

  • Permission to enjoy 

  • Letting go

  • Pain control   

  • Read how TPM integrates with hypnosistherapy,

    coaching + Neuro Linguistic Programming


Using our mind-body intelligence 

The Unconscious Mind (UCM) runs the body and operates at a chemical, energetic and quantum level, processing and organising vast amounts of information almost beyond our comprehension.  Itʼs the body that triggers the physical sensations or feelings which are so crucial in influencing our behaviour.

Q. Does it sometimes take more than traditional NLP / coaching / therapy or hypnosis to change habits and make desired lasting changes at this deeper structural level?

Q. Sometimes amazing things happen when we create a healing space and have belief - can we use this phenomenon more consistently?

Q. Are there new ways to harness the unconscious mindʼs capacity and mind-body connections in transformational work?

YES YES YES! you can with Thought Pattern Management ™

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  • Get to the source to transform un-desired behaviour or thought patterns quickly and easily
  • Alter automatic responses to past memories or traumas without exposing clients to them
  • Learn how to teach a process once, then hand it to the Unconscious Mind to apply where needed
  • Help people explore their amazing 'Mental Landscape' and discover its potential to enhance motivation, change habits and support goals 
  • Gain tools to give you confidence to work creatively in any context and get results more quickly and so much much more  
  • Become part of the TPM community pushing the frontiers of what is possible

What makes TPM different?

TPM teaches the client's mind to do the work, so it can apply the solutions to many more situations with ever expanding potential.  The potential is infinite.

The Origins of Thought Pattern Management™ (TPM)

Robert Fletcher 225 x 282

TPM is based upon the work of Robert Fletcher. One of the first to be trained in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), Robert incorporated this knowledge with his expertise as an art teacher, speed reading instructor, educator of the blind & deaf & those with learning challenges, (for the whole of Utah) and a master of hypnosis. Combine this with an incredibly curious mind and a family of geniuses in fields of science, space travel, medical research and physics and you begin to understand the breadth and depth of TPM.   

Robert’s original motivation was outcome based - to help a family member with severe depression. Having read over a thousand books on psychology, healing and psychiatry, Robert’s knowledge was vast but he was still unable to help his relative. Using his creative genius, Robert found ways to teach the unconscious mind how to resolve it's inner conflicts and heal itself.  

Over the years, Robert’s processes have been refined and continue to develop. Robert has taught across four continents and has countless domestic and oversees visitors seeking his assistance. TPM trainings have evolved from Robert and his sons wish to pass on this legacy.  Fiona Sutherland has worked closely with Robert and now Jared his youngest son, to develop the training structure and materials so that there is now a consistent syllabus both sides of the Atlantic.


Developing TPM Chefs not cooks!

TPM Europe intend to train TPM Chefs as opposed to TPM cooks.  Cooks only follow a step by step recipe - sometimes not really knowing what they are doing or why and they may be in awe of master chefs.  Whereas Chefs understand principles so they can apply them to any situation. 

TPM continues to assume Robert’s original premise - anything is possible until proven otherwise. This attitude, together with the skills taught, helps practitioners to assist with a wide range of issues (see side panel).


Evolved from NLP, light trance work and educating the deaf...

Thought Pattern Management™ works directly with the unconscious mind to make changes at the level which counts. The Unconscious Mind (UCM) and body operate at a chemical, energetic and quantum level, processing vast amounts of information almost beyond our comprehension.  Itʼs the body that triggers the physical sensations or feelings which are so crucial in influencing our behaviour. Thought Pattern Management™ training for practitioners and the public intertwine NLP, Coaching, Healing, Hypnosis, Accelerated Learning & more - to change undesired thoughts or behaviours easily and kindly; harnesses the Unconscious mindʼs capacity and mind-body connections in transformational work.


TPM group pic

Some more information about Robert Fletcher 

(Robert pictured with students and his future trainers back in London in 2009)

In 1968, Robert Fletcher was an educator and administrator for the Utah School for the Deaf and Blind and he began instructing for Evelyn Wood in the evenings as a speed reading instructor. He was amazed at the power of the mind as he taught people to read at speeds of 10 to 100 times their old speeds with improved comprehension. He began to perform more research into methods of excellence that he could bring to his students. 8 years later, he embarked on a search for methods that could help some family members with depression. For 2 years, he read 2 books an evening,  on the subjects of psychology, psychiatry, healing, etc. During that time, he received his certificate in master and medical hypnosis.

Then, he came upon several books on NLP and was intrigued with its theory and methods. He taught the NLP spelling strategy to a class of his deaf students and raised their spelling level 2 grades after 2 weeks of instruction. He had similar success with other NLP techniques. He received his training at the first practitioner seminar offered by Tim Hallbom and Suzi Smith at Anchor Point. He also assisted Robert Dilts in several of his early seminars and received every certificate and training available in NLP.

Robert retired from the School system in the early 80s and pursued private practice. He developed innovative and powerful methods for helping children with learning disabilities which he developed into the program, EDUCATING THE MIND. At the same time, his ideas and techniques, developed over 20 years became THOUGHT PATTERN MANAGEMENT™.

TPM™ integrates learning from many leading edge technologies including NLP, Timeline Therapy™, Integrative Behavioral Repatterning™, and Self to Self Communication™. Ericksonian and inner child work.  TPM™ techniques operate at the deepest of levels.