Rob Mesrie -  TPM trainer, NLP Master Health Practitioner, NLP Coach, Certified Reverse Therapist

Q. Rob what brought you to TPM?

"I watched Robert Fletcher work back in 2004 at an International NLP Conference. Having completed all the trainings in NLP including Master Practitioner and Health Practitioner several times, I was surprised at the similarities and yet subtle differences Robert brought to the field. The combination of standard NLP processes with the mind of a creative genius resulted in an extremely effective and yet gentle methodology. Since then, I have kept in close contact with Robert, learning at every opportunity and sponsoring the first ever TPM trainings in London.

"What I noticed with Robert was a graciousness that went beyond process. He is a master at building rapport - not just the rapport at the level of behaviour which is often taught in the classroom. He is a master of building rapport at various levels - from behaviour to values, beliefs and even identity. Can you imagine how powerful even basic pacing and leading can be when it is genuine and transcends the various logical levels? 


Rob's background and experience

Rob has worked from the Integrated Medical Centre in London for several years seeing clients in private practice. Prior to this he held clinics in Primrose Hill and Harley St. He combines a thorough training in NLP from Masters such as Robert Dilts, Tim Hallbom and Suzi Smith with teachings from Robert Fletcher. Additionally, Rob has trained in various coaching methodologies such as NLP coaching, Results Coaching and Business Coaching as well as Reverse Therapy.

Rob has trained with Robert on many occasions in the USA and UK. He sponsored Robert to deliver TPM courses in the UK including training TPM trainers in 2010 and has co trained TPM practitioner taster days and module 1 + 2 training with Fiona at TPM Europe. 

"For me, Robert's genuine humility spoke even louder than the wealth of successful client cases he has worked with. At all times he attributes the success of his clients to Robert stepping out of the picture as much as possible - facilitating the conditions for the client's unconscious mind to reach its own resolution. I am forever indebted to Robert for changing my beliefs about how change is possible"

Q. How do you use TPM?

Clients I meet often come with health issues which have not being resolved by going to a doctor or their current practitioner. There are those who mock at the concept of treatments which are psychosomatic. But that's exactly how I use the power of TPM. Psycho refers to mind and soma refers to body - the influence of the mind on the body. The power of the mind over the body is vast and with TPM the unconscious mind improves and speeds up the results by ensuring that all parts are on board. I find illnesses are often a physical manifestation of an unresolved mental or emotional trauma. TPM quickly detaches the emotion from past events, paving the way for the body to heal itself naturally.

Many clients have come with allergies, including multiple extreme allergic responses to huge numbers of foods, cosmetics, soaps and the like. Building on the NLP allergy process, I have found the immune system can very quickly re-learn what is harmful and what is not, once the original cause of the error has been corrected. TPM helps resolve the cause of the cause of these errors in immune response. Within one or two sessions, most clients immune systems have been successfully re-taught. One lady whose diet was constricted to home-made boiled rice in specific pans and at certain times of the day was amazed at how quickly her immune and digestive systems re-learnt their jobs, allowing her the foods of her choice.

I recall one client who came with a sleeping issue, having had very little sleep since her divorce began several months earlier. I used some of the most basic tools Robert taught me, essentially using the unconscious mind to gain multiple perspectives on her situation. That night she slept for around 22 hours.

Robert's teachings are a series of very useable processes which can be used completely, in part or in combination with other methods of working. I have the utmost respect for the way Robert works and the process which he adopts. I have also found it essential to take Robert's concepts and adapt them for my style of working with clients. In this way, I come across as being genuine and with integrity - values which are key for me. This is part of what Robert wishes when he states he wants to develop chefs not cooks - to help practitioners become familiar enough with his teachings and the reasonings behind them that they can integrate them with their way of working and match the needs of the client in the moment.