Fiona Sutherland - TPM Lead trainer for Europe, life and business coach

Q. Fiona what brought you to TPM?

"I saw Robert talking at the NLP conference in 2008 and just knew I had to find out more. Taking his training in 2009 transformed my life and my ways of working with clients.

"I had been coaching for 10 years and was an NLP practitioner working mainly with professional advisers, small business owners or people involved in divorce. I had used NLP including Time Line to help break patterns when normal coaching wasn't enough. I knew from my clients feedback that the unconscious mind worked in mysterious ways and that often my intuition worked magically with them. I also knew that sometimes NLP and coaching didn't work. Clients, (as well as coaches, therapist, and NLP practitioners), weren't always able to achieve the changes they desired.

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Rita Nelligan Medcalf

rita nelligan medcalf

Q. Rita what brought you to TPM?

I am a regular attendee at the NLP annual conferences in London. This is always a stimulating and inspiring event where I meet lots of interesting people and learn new tools and techniques to use in my coaching and therapy practices. My attendance in 2008 was my most exciting to date. I choose to sit in on an event by Robert Fletcher. Just 10 minutes into Robert's session I was captivated by him, his humble nature and extraordinary experiences of helping people tap into the power of their unconscious minds to heal, develop and live freer and happier lives. He gave example after example of how he was able to help people improve both their mental and physical wellbeing. Amazing examples of his gentle approach achieving magnificent results. By the end of the session I had signed up for his London training full of enthusiasm and wonder.

I spent three weeks learning with Robert and the other delegates on his programme, including Fiona Sunderland and Rob Massie founders of TPM Europe. These sessions were somewhat overwhelming and inspiring whilst the techniques proved to be surprisingly straightforward.

For me thought pattern management is a synthesis of powerful principles, tools and techniques to educate, communicate and bring about changes within the mind and body in a natural and ecological way.

In TPM Robert seems to have streamlined the best of NLP and hypnosis to allow individuals to feel totally safe and comfortable while their unconscious mind gets on with the productive change work.

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Jared Fletcher - son of the developer of Thought Pattern Management™

Jared IMG 3147TPM Europe guest trainer and Head of TPM USA

Jared's role in TPM's development and his first Wizard experience!

Q. How did your father Robert Fletcher, first introduce you to TPM? 

"When I was about 15 years old, I had a really bad headache and my Dad asked me what colour is it? I said it was dark blue with electrical bolts like a little Thunder storm. And he said   "What would happen if you changed it to a yellow colour and softened it?"

And I said "OK", and then he said, "Make the electricity fly out to a plug and let it go on its way". And Then he said at a slow gentle pace, "and take that softened cloud from your head and bring down the left side of your head and continue down through my chest, and down through my and down to your feet and put a tiny tiny hole in your toe and let it come out your toe".  The headache went away.  

Later on that day at School a girl was complaining of a headache and so I said, "Oh what colour is it ……...   I did same thing that Dad did and when it went out of her toe and her head ache had gone, she looked at me and asked if I was a wizard!  

That's what sparked my interest. It was easy, simple, fun and it worked. 


Q. Read how Jared helped confirm some key discoveries about how memory storage affects everything and the wide variety of client situations he works with. 

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