Life Coaches and Business Coaches love TPM because...

it's like coaching the unconscious mind! 

Coaching is remarkable for identifying goals, outcomes, challenges and exploring possibilities in a very empowering manner. Coaching listening and questioning skills and desire to make a difference are very applicable in Thought Pattern Management. TPM is very useful to coaches in providing the additional tools to remove patterns and blocks that are so rooted at the structural level of how a client organises information that their body responses are dominating their head.

In other words even though they say they want to change something, no matter how hard you and they work on it, some pattern is creating responses in their body which makes this a struggle. There might feel fear or anxiety. Perhaps an inner conflict or lack of self value. They may make excuses or it could be they only change things for a while then revert to old behaviours. TPM provides everything you need to resolve this.


Whatever type of coach you are, you will be motivated to help your clients achieve the changes they want in their life. TPM provides additional tools to enable clients to free themselves from unwanted patterns which are so deep rooted that it's difficult for the client to change them consciously. Coaches also love the creativity TPM brings as it weaves elegantly with coaching processes.

  • TPM changes deeply rooted patterns which otherwise can recur
  • It provides tools to help clients heal the past without getting into a therapeutic relationship.
  • TPM practitioners use coaching questioning, listening skills and enhance their awareness of how to hold the space for magic to happen.
  • TPM is packed with heart + soul and makes a big difference.
  • TPM works at the deeper structures which influence self esteem, self value, self image and self confidence.
  • Internal conflicts hinder clients progress. TPM elegantly, often content free - resolves internal conflicts
  • Mental landscape work provides immense possibilities for helping clients enhance their self awareness, motivation and effectiveness
  • TPM provides frameworks to work elegantly with identity, purpose and values and to provide flexibility to help change limiting personality traits.
  • The 'Engineer model', often used in conjunction with other TPM processes, can help clients find new solutions to old problems.


jigsawiStock 000017333045XSmall bought2.8.12HOW TPM COMPLEMENTS COACHING

Coaching skills are used in TPM because it is a solution focused process - we need to help clients articulate what they want to be different. We need to ask questions elegantly to help build rapport with their unconscious mind and to help clients notice things they were not aware of. We need to cultivate that special relationship believing in them, caring for them and yet not being attached to the outcome.

"I was attracted to TPM because there were occasions in the past where clients wanted to change something - even though I did my best and they said they would take the actions they kept coming up with excuses or delays and it's as if part of them was sabotaging their progress. I'm so pleased that I now have a whole range of additional approaches to help in these situations. " Experienced life and performance coach


Rita NeliganMedcalf - Consultancy, Training & Coaching ~ with a twist of NLP

"I attended 3 weeks TPM training with Robert Fletcher in London 2009. He is an amazing man and an incredible gentle, inspiring and effective learning facilitator. Every day was bursting with learning as Robert guided us and built our confidence in using powerful and effective TPM processes. The training further increased my understanding of the enormous potential and power of our unconscious minds to be guided to achieve optimum health and well being for myself and my clients.

I have since integrated the useful methodologies into to my coaching and therapy toolkits and these days I use some aspect of my TPM in around 80% of my client work."

"I work for an organisation that supports young people with big life challenges.  They have had a lot of counselling. Since I have trained in TPM I have been amazed by how quickly it helps them get results"  Mandy Rocha, Mentor, Coach, NLP practitioner.