7 key benefits of Thought Pattern Managementâ„¢ 

fotolia 41938888 tree heads shaking handsTPM works at the levels most approaches don't reach. You will achieve remarkable results.  Gain new tools and insights developed over 30 years to enhance your skills, reputation and joy using TPM tools and techniques. 


1. TPM builds your reputation & confidence

You get results remarkably quickly by getting straight to the source. Instant feedback shows that it's worked. TPM helps build your confidence and your reputation as someone who really makes a difference quickly. 

2. It's a highly creative way to work

The processes and principles allow you to be creative and in-flow, responding to your clients in the moment. The results both inspire and make you feel humble.

3. TPM takes the pressure off you to have all the answers

Going round in circles or getting stuck with clients is rare with TPM. As the source of many problems (and therefore solutions) is often unconscious to the client, TPM leads the client's own unconscious mind to offer optimal solutions.

4. It's a safe and a light way to work, even with the darkest of client histories

TPM doesn't work on content - it works on process. It takes extra steps to keep the client safe. Deep work is done, without the client (or you) having to dwell in any negative or traumatic experiences. (Its even safe to work by phone). Often people leave sessions feeling physically lighter.

5. TPM inspires people to ask 'what else' is possible?

Thought Pattern Management opens a new world of possibilities by teaching an endlessly creative approach to problem solving. Its only limits are the beliefs of the Practitioner.

6. Learning is on-going in the TPM community

With conferences, calls, workshops and forums to share results, research and get help there's a community to support your learning and development.  TPM Europe trains TPM chefs not cooks. Once you learn each TPM process and key principles for putting the ingredients together, you are then encouraged to create new recipes. There's friendly on going support from trainers and practitioners. Share your experiences and amazing results, help build research and to enjoy the journey TPM opens up.  The first step have been taken to form an association of TPM practitioners at the end of 2014 to support practitioners and the development of TPM. 

7. Grow your practice

TPM expands your tool kit and can be applied to any market or context.
 To enhance motivation or performance. To heal a past trauma or mend emotional scars. Enhance learning abilities. To change mind body's patterns and thoughts. To turn around challenges in health, business, career, relationships, loss and life transitions. To be more effective or happier.


TPM can be combined easily with coaching, NLP, therapeutic practices, hypnotherapy and various health related practice. Or be just for you or your loved ones to benefit.

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