Health professionals include TPM because...

Various body workers, nutritionists, chiropractors, naturopaths, reflexologists, and doctors often see patients with chronic symptoms and symptoms for which there is no known treatment. Many health professionals experience patients who reach a plateau in the reduction of symptoms, regardless of the treatment used. TPM can be exceptionally effective at restoring harmony in deeper levels of the mind, allowing the body to revert back to good health When treatment programs don’t fully turn symptoms around.

When the client changes their environment, diet and behaviour and it still doesn’t fix the problem
- a deeper source may be the cause.

There is much written about the influence of the mind over the body. The word psycho- somatic itself indicates the relationship. Symptoms caused by dis-ease in the mind will often result in a physical manifestation in the body - in the form of symptoms. By quickly locating the source of the source of the symptom, the symptoms no longer have a purpose and can quickly depart. Examples include strokes, heart conditions, diabetes, allergies, auto-immune diseases, cancers, hearing etc

Note: TPM does not make any claims about curing medical conditions and should not replace conventional medical treatments. TPM is a useful complement to assist a person in their path to wellness.

TPM techniques allow practitioners to talk directly to the clients body using The Metaphoric Engineer Model

TPM teaches how to ask the clients unconscious mind to access the clients emotional history and to find any connections between past events and present conditions.

TPM has been used for pain management, to reduce bruising, to prepare people’s bodies for operations and to speed up recoveries.


TPM for Whip lash with Chiropractors, reducing bruising + arthristus

Robert Fletcher taught Chiropractors in Japan and in Salt Lake City,  how to help clients who had persistant symptoms from whip lash. He has also helped people who's muscles have got stuck in spasms by helping the body system to complete the process of closing - before opening again.

A TPM practitioner in The States has been using TPM successfully to help people with arthrutus.    

TPM has also been used to help bruising subside.  During a tea break at a training session in Wales,  a participant fell and banged her head on the stone floor. A large bump the size of an egg appeared.  Robert then used the 'Engineer Model' to help her body clear up the damage. TPM students watched - amazed as the lump reduced in size as they watched!


Fiona also used the Engineer model on herself after smashing the side of her face on a gate post (she had been sawing the wood half way through, then placed it over a step and jumped on it to break it in half - but the side flew up sideways with force and hit all the the right side her face knocking her over).

"I remembered what Robert had done in Wales. I was due to speak to a firm of Lawyers the following week and the last thing I wanted was to turn up black and blue. So while I sat on the ground dazzed and a bit concussed, I spoke directly to my unconscious mind, following the kind of principles I had learned from Robert.  To my amazment no bruising appeared that day.  I met a Dr friend the next day and although I could hardly move my jaw to drink from a cup - there was still no bruising.  She was amazed there was no visible damage. However it did hurt.  The pain subsided after a couple of weeks and one day I noticed only the slightest yellow tinge under one eye - but you had to really look to see it.  When I told Robert about my experience during a Train the Trainer session he did,  he reminded me that I could have also turned down the pain control... Ooops! I will remember should there ever be a next time."

Fiona Sutherland