Every coach, therapist, health professional involved in change work can expect resistance, when it's not safe at body level. This is because the body goes in to fight, flight, freeze or submit response and its difficult to process new information in this state.   I spoke about this at the NLP conference in London this spring.  In Thought PAttern Managementâ„¢ we've discovered a lot about how to change people's generalised patterns about perceptions of safe and dangerous.  For some background into what kind of Trauma's and traumas led to the patterns, you can also refer to work by Bessel Van Der Kolk - the body keeps the score.


In TPM we work to make it safe at body level.  Then we can enable people to easily make the changes they want.  This requires following the next principles of getting to the source of the pattern.   


Many illogical, limiting thought patterns DO NOT get resolved because people go round in circles talking about what it might be, instead of using the fast unconscious mind to get straight to the source via anchoring. TPM cuts to the chase.


Another aspect of the work I teach is that Memories and other concepts are reflected in your Mental Landscape. The space in and around you. 


How's your internal sat nav?

Watch 4 mins on how your Mental landscape can help you have a smoother journey



Memories are located and coded in the space in and around us - in what we call our 'mental landscape'

You can make massive change by becoming aware of your own landscape and facilitating others to discover what's working and not working well in theirs.


I'm keeping you informed, as requested, and there are a few places left on this years training in London 16th Sept "Art of Mental Landscaping"

and 17 + 18th Sept "Memories matter" to learn how to do all of the above and more.


If you are still not sure, read the attached examples of how Thought Pattern Management works to change the things other approaches can miss.


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