Clients Love Thought Pattern Management

Scientists agree - what drives our thoughts and behaviour is mainly unconscious, so often it's difficult to change. TPM enables you to easily change unwanted mind-body-thought patterns for good.

TPM works at a deep level of how information is accessed in the body, yet you remain fully in control of the session. 

The changes you want, happen at the unconscious level so you don’t need to work on it afterwards. It's simple, easy, creative and fun!

Situations TPM transform

Just about any challenge, unwanted behaviour pattern, doubting thoughts and fears can be assisted with TPM because each and every thought we have in is some way linked to our past. Our mind and body are inextricably linked. Read more below on what TPM has been used for, why benefits escalate and what a typical session is like.

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Key benefits of TPM for clients


TPM empowers you

You will be surprised how different things will be during and after TPM sessions.

Once you learn the tools and principles you can apply them creatively to transform just about any situation.


You are always in the driving seat

It’s your agenda, your priorities and you work out the solutions together with your practitioner. TPM is not something that is done to you by an ‘expert’ who tells you what you need. Instead you are the boss and you work in partnership with your unconscious mind and your practitioner to achieve remarkable things. You are wide awake during the sessions.


ripples and two pink water lilliesP1060762Live more freely in the present. No going over horrible stuff again (unless you want to)

To change how we feel in the present we often need to change the trigger patterns from the past. What’s very different about TPM, is that you can do all this without actually digging up the past or re-visiting hurtful memories.  


Use more of your amazing unconscious mind

Scientists agree that the unconscious mind has huge capabilities and is at least 20 times as powerful as our conscious mind. With TPM you learn to tap into much more of what is possible. You can also assign your unconscious mind, all sorts of tasks to help you in your life.

What’s the source of hunches, doubts, fears, habits and ideas? Are they limiting beliefs, outdated programming, inner conflicts or is your intuition helping you out? When you clear up the old or conflicting or restricting stuff, you become much freer to respond in the moment to all life brings.


Excellent value for money

TPM quickly gets to the source and changes at the seed level so there is no wasted time. If you want a quick solution that cuts to the chase you will love TPM.  If you rely on your conscious mind alone, you are only using a fraction of your capabilities. TPM helps you use more of your mind and body's capacity to make connections and achieve your outcomes.  A few sessions may be all that is required. 


The Benefits Multiply

What you learn you can apply to more situations any time in the future. So the benefit of a session continues long after you leave your Practitioner.

Maze head iStock 000016035651Small bought 2.8.12 Q. What can thought pattern management be used for?

  • When certain situations, people or events trigger uncomfortable feelings in you - and you want to change that response - TPM is perfect
  • When you want to change your motivation or behaviour or how you think
  • When you want your body to stop running a pattern or run a different pattern

Here are a few examples

  • Giving you back control in situations which undermine or scare you
  • Enhancing self confidence, self belief and self image
  • Feeling worthy and loveable
  • Being more capable
  • Increased motivation
  • Overcoming Learning difficulties (there is a whole school of TPM for children in USA)
  • Skin rashes
  • Getting beyond addictions
  • Arthritis
  • Overcoming traumas and phobias
  • Weight control
  • Clarifying purpose
  • Un-blocking obstacles to abundance
  • Changing a bad marriage or relationship pattern
  • Increasing focus
  • Changing relationship dynamics
  • Pain control
  • Sleeping
  • Various forms of dis-ease
  • Reducing distractions
  • Become more outgoing
  • Changing thinking or behaviour traits

(Please note, not every practitioner is working in all of these fields)

TPM hedge heads Fotolia 41938888 M bought 25.7.12Q. What else will I gain?

Through working with your practitioner you will gain greater understanding of:

  • your own body language - one way your unconscious mind communicates.
  • your ‘mental landscape’ - how you organise information and concepts spatially so its working better for you
  • what influences the way you interpret reality
  • how your identity may impact on your motivation, you health and your various concepts of image, esteem and worth
  • how inherited thought patterns may be playing a part in your life
  • ways to develop a more useful relationship with your amazing unconscious mind to achieve what you want

Q. What is a typical session like?

Some practitioners combine TPM with other fields of work such as coaching or therapy so check with your practitioner.

Generally you start by sharing what you want to work on - what you would like to change or be different. Your practitioner may ask you some questions and you may complete a short questionnaire.

Then your practitioner will guide you through some processes explaining each step. You remain in full control at all times.

Some practitioners work remotely by phone or skype, others face to face.

Some clients work with their eyes open all the time, others at times prefer to close their eyes. Its up to you - it’s your session.

Generally people respond best to TPM when they are relaxed and let their minds relax. Because your Unconscious mind does a lot of the work your conscious mind can have a rest at times during the session. You will be fully awake and aware of all that is happening and at the same time it’s common to enjoy a slightly relaxed trance at times - a bit like when you are driving a long distance on the motor way and you loose track of time.

People often feel lighter after sessions. You may wish to make time after a session to relax and enjoy this feeling

Q. How can I book a session or find out more?

ALSO look out for our one day taster workshop sessions  

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