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Module 4:  Working with Identity 

Identity affects the filters through which we see the world. It affects beliefs, motivation, health, contentment or inner conflict, as well as our self esteem, value and image.   What you learn will provide new ways to work with the core of what influences your client's behaviour and contentment.


This module teaches: what to look for when perceived identity is the cause of client's issues and tools on re-alligning identity

The body systems and interrelationship with the 3 main aspects of identity 

Changing personal histories TPM style and the differences that makes the difference

Working with parts content free

Forgiveness process for self and others

Secondary gains and positive intention 

Using the mirror exercise

Self image, self worth and self esteem and how they are developed  

Integrating parts TPM style

Un blocking identity patterns

How the immune system can be affected

How identity is represented in the different forms

Aligning identity to purpose 

Aligning values to support purpose

Spotting signs that identity work is needed


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Learn to overcome resistance by recognising and working with sabotage and deep rooted positive intentions behind what appear to be negative consequences is key in this module


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July 9th and 10th - Leeds


20th and 21st Oct 2016 - Penzance - MORE INFO

* Based on 6 - 12 participants, trainer Fiona Sutherland. Assisted by Rita in Leeds and Angela in Penzance

Trainers provide expert assistance as you learn. Manual includes with exercises and scripts to get you going. 

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