Module 3: Working with multiple memories

Clear the limits or negative effect of multiple memories, decisions and patterns simultaneously


Penzance, 17th + 18th October 2016  More info  or call Fiona 07931 374067


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This course builds from the 2 day-Foundation in TPM and 1-day Mental landscape,  which you must have completed first. 

You'll learn to identify and take the sting out of ALL painful memories easily and quickly with the TPM comprehensive memory clear up process.  

Work with patterns passed on from previous generations.

Learn how to use TPM's specific in take process and silent emotional history with clients

Learn how to lead the client's unconscious mind to search for negative memories and the original source of unwanted patterns, without having to discuss any content.  This TPM process is known as the 'silent emotional history'.  

You will be amazed by how far back the source can be and appreciate why TPM consistently works so effectively. Often the root of the pattern is hidden or unknown and may originate before childhood. In TPM we recognise that information can be transferred from cell memory meaning that patterns can be caused from experiences that you had in childhood and even events passed down from previous generations. Some would also suggest soul information can also be passed down. Either way - TPM allows the client's unconscious mind to track back to the source of an unwanted pattern and re-view it, check intention, give resources to the originator of the pattern or the inheritor of the pattern. 

The process can be used to clear more traumatic memories than one might wish to talk about.  

The process can help resolve unwanted unconscious patterns that keep the mind/body going down the same old path even when the logical mind wants something different.   This module gets to the source of the source to change the patterns.  

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Processes and principles taught include:

Chained memory clean up process

Comprehensive memory clean up process

Using Process drivers + hypnotic language to pass monitoring progress of the process to the clients unconscious mind and body

Light metaphors, grounding and safety, building further understanding of these principles from the Foundation in TPM

Using energy and access to information via the collective consciousness to make change fast, safe and easy. 

Grief and loss: To change the way in which such memories are stored and to bring back feelings of contentment.

Discover more principles for working with clients which make TPM so effective. This links to Robert Fletcher's understanding of how we process information in the mind body system and his extensive experience working in this way with clients.  

- Use the creative unconscious mind to come up with solutions.

- Working with children and the use of appropriate techniques for clearing negative memories for youngsters.

- Future pacing TPM style.

- Explore how the 'Mental Landscape' gives clues and consider explanations and other possibilities for using your creative unconscious mind.

PLUS:  Other uses for the 'silent emotional history', to boost resources for achieving goals

Giving and receiving resources from ancestors  


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Skills and tools include

Practice using language, voice and metaphors to help access the unconscious mind and 'I lead you' follow principles to help clients access their Unconscious Mind and collective consciousness 

Use of the 'TPM intake form' developed by Robert Fletcher which works quickly on many levels to obtain vital information respectfully and safely. How to use it to learn how the client processes information. 

Share principles for setting expectations and leading clients to a relaxed mental space to increase success


signpost iStock 000010828462XSmallbought2.8.12 copyKey benefits:  

Clearing the negative effects of multiple memories simultaneously by teaching the client's unconscious mind how to do the work for them

How to work with your client's model of the world, adapt your style to suit them. Giving examples of how to set expectations and lead clients to a relaxed mental space to increase success.

Presuppositions to help you work successfully as a practitioner 

Understand where doubts and certainty are located in your own Mental Landscape  

Greater understanding of the energetic nature of existence





Practitioners previously trained (before TPM Europe training was available) who are members of the association of TPM practitioners and wish to refresh their knowledge, qualify for a CPD discount. Ask for details.   

PLEASE contact Fiona to let her know if the dates are suitable  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +44  (0) 1202 671954

One option may be to have one day in London on Sunday and the other day in Southampton.