Module 1: Art of Mental Landscaping

To master your own potential and unlock clients you need to know what's affecting the most important information processing system - our mind body and the energy field around. Mental landscape provides the gateway to awareness and this training provides the principles to enable transformation that is easy, gentle and fun! Click the picture to watch this Video.

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Discover your own mental landscape AND learn liberating new ways to work with clients in many contexts. Dates below...

Ideal for life and business coaches, NLP practitioners, health professionals, those who want to enhance motivation, emotional wellness and peace of mind. 

Fancy a date to get to know each other?  

TPM is so special we like to know who we are training just as much as you want to know if TPM is for you. So call a trainer or join the next group call & find out what’s possible.  Dates set for group calls Monday 15th May 10 am or Tuesday 16th May 8pm.  Call Rita 07946 443930 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to reserve a place on the live group call. 

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This second video explains more about the training  

Mental Landscaping next dates and offers


16th Sept 2017   

Location - south west london £150 including comprehensive manual and pre course reading more info

Contact Fiona +44(0) 7931 374067  to find out more and if this training is relevant for you. 

Early bird Special offer

Reserve your place for both modules 1 and 2 (16,17 + 18 Sept)  before 25th Aug and qualify for a free individual session by skype with Fiona Sutherland worth approx £90

Poole (Dorset)

9th +10th Sept 2017  

Tranquil location in Longham overlooks a reservoir with easy access from Poole, Southampton, Ringwood etc 

10-4pm both days

Special price £150 for TWO days training     

Includes refreshments, parking, manuals and reading.  




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Contact Rita of First Position Performance and Development
07946 443930

"Mental landscape is worth it's weight in gold"
Carol counsellor and hypnotherapist

Update since second video was recorded: Please note we decided not to extend the ICF accreditation referred to. 

Why should you grab this opportunity? 

Because mental landscape works at a different level that is very powerful 

All practitioners want their clients to get results, but few work at the level of how the client's unconscious mind organises and responds to information. 

  • Most people remain completely unaware of what is having the biggest impact on their performance.
  • 'Mental landscape' the framework that reflects our unconscious mind's organisation of concepts, beliefs, memories, time frames, habits, motivation, focus, attention, and much more is actually really easy and fun to work with.
  • Each client's unique 'Mental landscape' not only gives you huge clues as to what the real problem is - it gives you and your clients endless possibilities for how to help them achieve results more easily.

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To gain effective tools to help your clients break free from limiting patterns  

 This one day workshop gives you a new tool kit to start applying to yourself and your clients straight away: 

  • Whenever a client says they want to change something but can't seem to make it happen
  • Whenever motivation or focus is lost
  • Whenever self belief, self esteem or value need a boost
  • Whenever doubts and fears are in the way
  • Whenever you feel a bit stuck and could do with an approach that's been developed over 30 years but is not widely known about - yet.


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Mental landscaping is relevant to business, relationships, divorce, career, self esteem, self value, self image, confidence, grief, anxiety, time management, focus, exercise, weight, pain, planning, writing, goals, everything!     




But why can't we just focus on what we want and make it happen?

We all know we are supposed to be able to override negative thoughts by focusing on what we want. What few understand is that thought patterns as adults, are effected by the STRUCTURE of how our memories are organised in our mental space.  (Which also affects our body chemistry and how we feel).  Because that structure is usually unconscious to us and has been formed by past experiences, we can't change it, unless we get into the structure itself. 

The good news is that the person who developed thought Pattern Management studied how we organise thoughts in hundreds and hundreds of clients. He found new ways to make it easy to help people change unwanted patterns.  It's easy when you know how to help clients work with these unconscious processes in a step by step way that's worked again and again.


It's the body that's doing it

It's difficult to apply mind over matter because when people FEEL a certain way it's because the mind and body are connected and chemicals and energy cause sensations which feel real to your client.  Join this training and find out more about how the relationship between mental landscape and physical responses. (This is particularly relevant when people feel a sense of loss, overwhelm or depression)

When a client just can't seem to change something that's holding them back, or take the steps that would make a difference it must be frustrating.  It's probably not often and it may surprise your client that they just can't seem to use their head to overcome what's holding them back.....but here's the thing .....It's not their head that's doing it! And it's their body that's feeling the strain of trying to work against the structure of their mental landscape. A different approach is required and working with their Mental Landscape works at that new level to turn it around. 


Q. Are you interested in the latest ways to help yourself and clients playfully and effectively?

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It is light creative and effective. Its easy to build working with mental landscapes it into your coaching approach whoever you are working with. Business owners, executives, students, people with heath issues, anxiety, confidence, people going through life transitions, including grief, divorce conflicts at work. As well as for those who want to progress big goals or projects. You name it.  Part of the training will cover how to help it become accessible to your clients.


Q. How often have you wished you had more tools or techniques when the way forward isn't obvious?

"The first client I worked with mental landscape was an accountant who was stuck progressing his business plan. He had the skills and knowledge and motivation so why couldn't he progress it?  I was amazed how easy it was to help him once we brought his mental landscape into the equation.  When you are not sure what's needed Mental landscape provides the clues as well as often the answers." Fiona  ( see what other coaches say in 'why coaches love TPM' and watch the videos 


Q. Do you want something that makes your job easier?jigsawiStock 000017333045XSmall bought2.8.12

Take the pressure off yourself when clients seem stuck by exploring their mental landscape.  TPM compliments a coaching approach perfectly because it's all about helping the client come up with the solution.  By attending this one day training you will gain a whole you new set of tools and principles to help clients arrive at insights and solutions.  This helps you get great results quickly and easily. Great for building your reputation as well as keeping you light and easy as you make a difference. 

"It gives you tools to work with anything.

Who'd have thought you could have fun transforming

some of a clients deepest issues so easily" Becki


Who is this unique training ideally suited to?

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It's ideal for coaches or other practitioners who are already working with clients in some capacity.   You will learn by experiencing and discovering for yourself, plus your trainers providing case studies and principles for working with clients. You will have a manual to take away. We expect participants to already know how to use open coaching questions, to be pretty good listeners and be confident 'holding the space'.  No other skills or experience required. Come to learn, discover and play!

If you have previously experienced a little TPM for yourself - this workshop goes to a different level of skill to help you facilitate others discovering and making more use of their mental landscape. It teaches principles for facilitating and making this ecological and effective. We share examples you will find surprising.

Working with mental landscape is very playful and creative. It opens huge possibilities for working with clients in any context. It helps you cut to the chase and get results faster. Enables clients to access resources to help achieve goals more easily again and again. If you like using your intuition and flowing with the client then you will LOVE this way of working. 

"I'm so convinced you will love what you learn we provide a money back guarantee if not fully satisfied. Fiona Sutherland

Who delivers this training in London and south west england


Fi head shot low resHead trainer of Thought Pattern Management Europe
Fiona Sutherland who is Scottish, will be travelling over from the UK. Fiona who has been coaching people through big transformations for over 16 years, is a regular speaker at the International NLP conference in London and is currently writing a book about Thought Pattern Management for practitioners. Delegates will be given the chapter on Mental landscape for free. 
Please sum up, what will I receive?
The opportunity to discover your own mental landscape and how it affects your motivation, your stress levels and how it provides feedback to the structural workings of your unconscious mind.
This training is also to equip you with the tools and principles so that you can work with others to help them discover and transform many aspects of their life.  
It's also fun and an amazingly light way to transform sometimes some of the most challenging life situations.  So come on board. Places are limited to a relatively small group for a quality experience.
Although this is a stand alone course, this training also counts as an essential day towards the complete Thought Pattern Management practitioner training program. 

Places will be limited to ensure a quality training experience so book your place now.