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Learn new ways, TPM is much easier than will power!

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What's my 'Mental Landscape'?  Watch here 

New online training spring 2022  "Mental landscaping for people changers"   Coaches, mentors, health pro's and teachers, learn how a skilled chat can be life changing.  









Everyone has a mental landscape but few know if its helping or hindering them.

Mental landscaping empowers people to generate change at a level that impacts instantly.


GONE: Stress, overwhelm, confusion and not knowing what to do to

REPLACED BY: awareness, calm, possibility, feeling on top of the world!   

Mental landscaping is the first Module in TPM training and the wisdom and tools participants learn, just keep on giving.  It is so powerful yet light and easy to use that its probably the favourite and most useful look people use in their transformation tool kit for themselves and others.   In 2022 Fiona Sutherland is now offering a 7 week training for people changers. Go to 'All Events Diary' tab for full details. 

UPDATE Nov 2021: Due to covid and changes in fiona's personal life (caring for elderly mother part time and travelling between homes), no other trainings in person are currently being offered in the UK.  On line Training will be direct with Fiona Sutherland for the time being. TPM Europe (the trading style of fiona's Ltd company) has temporarily ceased to trade. 

Jared Fletcher - son of Robert Fletcher who developed Thought Pattern Management and Fiona Sutherland plus other TPM practitioners continue to share know how and support via closed professional development facebook and whats ap groups. Our intention is to concentrate new training in TPM in the art of Mental Landscaping in the short term and share more know how in this lovely way of working with people via a new website in future. 

Meanwhile - If you previously trained in any of the modules in Thought Pattern Management and wish to share and learn with others but are not in the closed groups, please get in touch by email to Jared Fletcher or Fiona Sutherland depending on where you trained.   



Learn how TPM transforms painful memories quickly single memory clear up (trained in module 2)

Click on video clip here

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- TPM is great for clients and practitioners as it's so light fast and effective.   

- No need to get caught in the drama, pain, or detail of the problem.  

- Clients stay in control, safe and empowered throughout.

- You overcome resistance, get to the source of the source, can work content free and take advantage of the speed of the unconscious min

Watch free mini video to find out how the SAFE or DANGEROUS thought pattern affects everything.   


Who uses TPM? 

TPM works brilliantly on its own or together with NLP, Coaching, Healing, Hypnosis, & other physical therapies, to change undesired thoughts or behaviours easily and kindly.  TPM is so freeing for them as they don't get drained as they can do with other ways of working 

TPM teaches how to transform patterns from the past AND boost internal resources such as confidence, belief, self esteem and motivation, quickly and easily.  You learn how to use your unconscious fast processing mind more effectively to heal and transform.  

TPM harnesses the Unconscious mindʼs capacity and works with body intelligences and principles

Get results more easily, lightly and powerfully - explore Practitioner training and why various different type of practitioners love TPM    



For training in Leeds - more info 




Watch this video below. Learn just how amazing TPM is and why its so 

fast and freeing for clients and practitioners MORE


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Q. As a practitioner do you love to help clients but sometimes get drained and fed up by how long it takes?   

Q. In life, do you sometimes experience inner conflicts, stress, and frustrations and want to resolve them quickly and easily for once and for all?  







TPM been described as "Coaching for the Unconscious mind" "NLP accelerated"

 "Amazing"  "Mind blowing"  "So powerful yet fun"    "Magic"

An open curious mind and a 'good heart' are essential qualities for a successful TPM practitioner 

  • TPM enables people to become their most magnificent self 

  • TPM harnesses the Unconscious mind and body intelligence in a very logical way

  • TPM teaches how to transform the SOURCE of unwanted limiting thought patterns easily without even having to talk about them!  READ MORE




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Vision and purpose of TPM Europe - by Fiona Sutherland

Many who have experienced TPM, become huge fans of Robert Fletcher and Thought Pattern Management™ which he developed. The wisdom Robert has uncovered is phenomenal - yet even he says we are just scratching the surface of what is possible with our unconscious minds.

We know TPM works so effectively and gently achieving results in an unassuming way - results which often have not been possible using other modalities. TPM applied skilfully can achieve what some would call miracles. It also provides well thought through processes that are quickly learnt, repeatable and effective, for much less experienced practitioners than Robert Fletcher.

Supported by Robert and his family in USA and trainers and practitioners in UK, my vision is to share Robert's knowledge, to collaborate with and help build a community that is open minded to exploring what else is possible. To make TPM accessible so more people can benefit. I have worked a lot on the training materials assisted by Jared Fletcher with a view to making TPM more able to be trained by others.

In Jan 2015 the association of TPM practitioners took its first steps and in time this association will play a big part in sharing resources and knowledge.  I have also sponsored an on line website full of resources for students trainers and practitioners and volunteer to host 'share and learn' conference calls along with other trainers in USA.  

My purpose at TPM Europe:-

1. Train Practitioners in TPM processes, supporting skills and ethos, to work with the Unconscious Mind for fast and ecological transformation

TPM can be used alone or in conjunction with other modalities to expand your tool kit. We are indebted to Robert Fletcher for developing TPM and refer to his teachings and methodologies during trainings. TPM Europe, is lead by Fiona Sutherland in the UK. Fiona is in regular contact with Jared Fletcher who oversees training in USA. 

2. Raise awareness of how TPM is useful for personal development, business, and health  CLCK FOR MORE

Everyone can benefit from TPM. For business, health and personal development.   News and events for details of talks.  If you run a business group, some kind of personal development or practice group, do get in touch if you would like to know more. As the gracefulness of TPM becomes more well known, demand for practitioners will increase. There will soon be a list of TPM Practitioners to help the public benefit from TPM

3. Help students integrate their learning and support the TPM community CLICK FOR MORE

TPM Europe supports the further development of 'TPM chefs' as they integrate learning into a successful practices. While TPM Europe supports students as they are learning to be practitioners, we hope the community of the new association of TPM practitioners will also play a key role in facilitating the ongoing continuous professional development of practitioners. TPM Europe will sponsor and support that independent membership association. 

We believe that the skills learnt in the 'classroom' become integrated to a new level when used with clients or friends. By creating a safe forum for questions to be raised and learnings shared, we each benefit from our experiences.  TPM Europe facilities the provision of conference calls, webinars, a closed linked in group and a private video channel for sharing resources. There are ocassional conferences and various  'TPM parties' to further our development and discoveries. In TPM you work in partnership with the client.  It's an equal adult relationship between practitioner and client. As leader of TPM Europe, my aim is for the training organisation to serve those who train. We encourage creativity with the processes and thinking to ensure a flexible way of working. We want to train TPM chefs not cooks. Chefs who understand TPM principles and go on to create their own recipes. I also want to help practitioners develop successful businesses.  Fiona Sutherland

4. Collate case studies, research & sharing thinking on how we can utilise more of the Unconscious Mind  CLICK FOR MORE

Thought Pattern Management is ahead of it's time in using the Unconscious Mind to resolve issues and provide solutions. We are also aware that the UCM has the potential to assist in new and even more powerful ways. TPM is an expanding field and aims to tap into more of the creative unconscious to assist clients lead fuller more rewarding lives.  Mental landscape and the Engineer model open up profound possibilities for changing behaviour, motivation, grief, addictions and health.  We hope to work together with Jared Fletcher in USA and the global association of practitioners to help collate results and case studies.