Become a Thought Pattern Management™ Practitioner

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TPM Europe oversee the only practitioner training in Europe. To gain the TPM tools and principles which work at the level of the mind that runs us, and achieve results more easily, it is important that trainee practitioners experience as well as learn how to practice TPM. The training is therefore interactive, includes demos, working with others and discussion. A comprehensive manual is provided for each module. There is also the option to join in follow up share and learn conference to consolidate learning.  

The modules build sequentially

Module 1 Mental Landscaping is over one full day or two shorter days depending on location

Modules 2, 3, 4 and 5 are each over two days 

Successful completion of module 1 + 2 and submitting 5 case studies on line qualifies for TPM Diploma in Mental Landscaping 

Completion of all 5 modules qualifies for Practitioner in Thought Pattern Management  

Trainee practitioners are encouraged to practice what they learn and integrate TPM in their lives and with their client work.  Keeping things safe and light for the client is taught from day one.  TPM is an educational modality where practitioner and client work as equals in a learning and discovery partnership. The client is always in control. Much of the work does not require the practitioner to know the content of a problem (This is because TPM works at the structure of it and only the client's mind/body controls that).  TPM is a very ecological and private way of working.

There is a TPM community, with continuous professional development (organi